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Foretelling the Future Through the Study of the Palm
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People have sought answers or signs of good fortune, love, prosperity, and happiness since ancient times.  The palm can be thought of as a “map” of the psyche, or the inner ‘self.’  The palm can reveal answers to your questions concerning love, relationships, career satisfaction, major events, the type of work that best suits you, and so on.

The lines of the hands change over time, just as a person does.  One may not be able to change the past, but one can gain a better understanding of the present as well as a glimpse into the future with the information the palm offers.  By gaining a better understanding of themselves, people can change their life path by re-evaluating who they are as well as who they can become.

During a reading, I use palmistry in conjunction with other psychic tools to enrich the total picture.  Interpreting the information contained in the palm allows me to help a client become aware of changes that could potentially have an effect and alter one's destiny.  I believe we all have the ability to direct, create or re-shape our destiny.  For me, the palm is a mirror that reveals the “higher self.”  The mounts, lines, patterns, overall shape, and other distinct and/or unique qualities of a person’s hands also identify personal characteristics and provide deeper spiritual insights.

Many times I have been asked by my clients about the meaning of wearing a ring on a finger.  Here is a simple explanation.  Rings worn on the various fingers of either hand can attract different energies into one’s life.  Wearing a ring on one or more fingers emphasizes the following qualities:

The thumb relates to our ego, strength, and level of energy or life force, symbolizing our ability to express this energy and power within the world.  The thumb is divided into three parts.  The nail phalange, or top segment, is called the phalange of will power and determination.  The second phalange, or middle segment, is called the phalange of reason and logic, and the third, or the base of the thumb, is representative of love and sympathy.  Each digit has a mount and there are three more mounts on the palm.  Each mount represents an aspect of our character.  There is one at the base of each finger, except for the thumb in which case the mount includes the flesh of the palm.  This is called Mount of Venus and is outlined by the lifeline.

index finger located above the Mount of Jupiter, represents leadership, ambition, and the drive to succeed in life.

middle finger located above the Mount of Saturn, represents responsibility and introspection as well as balance in one’s life.

ring finger located above the Mount of Apollo, represents creativity, love of art and music, and the ability to express oneself to others.

little finger located above the Mount of Mercury, represents communication, relationships, and business activity.

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