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Have Questions? We welcome email and phone calls!

Past Life Regression
Opening the Subconscious Doorway by Meditation
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Gift Certificates

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Often traumatic experiences from past lives persist in the form of fears, limitations, and emotional and physical disturbances that hinder one's ability to actualize one's full potential in this lifetime.
These experiences often become a negative influence on how we contend with important challenges that we encounter in this present life, and can complicate our efforts to deal with these challenges well.

Great difficulty in dealing with life's challenges can be an indication of the presence of a disturbance caused by traumatic experiences.

Regression provides an opportunity to become aware of these disturbances and approach their resolution by recapitulating the traumatic experiences with guidance from a healer.

Re-experiencing the trauma with a
healer allows the client to approach the disturbance in a controlled and supportive environment.

Successfully addressing the disturbances that are present causes a transmutation of the client producing personal and spiritual growth.

These advances then constitute the basis for further development in the present life and future lives.

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing offered by PEM is intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or disorder of any kind.  While hypnotherapy has produced remarkable results in some cases, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus users must take complete responsibility for their use of it.  None of the processes nor the advice you receive from PEM substitutes for medical attention, and they are neither intended as, nor should be used as, a substitute for your physician's role in monitoring and treating you.  Rather, PEM offers alternative information in an effort to assist you in your quest for optimum well-being. You should always consult your physician before following any alternative solution to any physical or mental health problem, or before taking any products or following any health regimen. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or have parental consent before using the services of PEM.  Hypnotherapy is not recommended for mental health illnesses caused by chemical imbalances in the brain such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, or personality disorders.  You are advised that in some cases hypnotherapy can aggravate psychological problems by bringing back old and painful memories.  Hypnotherapy has also been accused of inducing "false memory syndrome" in which a patient may be encouraged to remember an experience of physical or sexual abuse which may never have occurred.

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