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Have Questions? We welcome email and phone calls!

Foretelling the Future Through the Sacred Cards
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates

In order to have your charts and reports done, it is necessary to provide your personal and birth information.  Please click here to get started!
Tarot is the spiritual process through which we try to discover specific influences active in our lives.  It is a powerful tool because people relate to the pictures on the cards.  The pictures become a window for understanding an issue from a different perspective.  According to my experience, the Tarot is better suited to answer questions in the ‘here and now,’ although it will answer questions about the future and the past as well.

During a reading, the cards communicate information to me that I interpret for the client.  The messages I receive should be used as input, not as something the client ‘must’ or ‘has’ to do.  I often tell my clients, “I can try to lead you to the door that can represent a better choice, but the final decision of what to do is yours to make.”

There are many different types of readings.  These are just some examples of the readings that I offer.  These readings are only available by phone or in person.

Relationship Reading:

• Ongoing relationship:  Discover where your romance is going and what may happen in your relationship in the future.
• Broken Relationship:  If you are experiencing a broken relationship, I can assist you in clearing the emotional cloud so that if desired, you can examine the possibility of getting back together.
• Future Relationship:  This reading addresses the question of what you need from a love relationship, and what you would have to offer to a future lover.  We can explore how you approach romantic relationships in general.

Complete Reading:  A complete reading covers the past, the present, as well as the outcome of a particular situation.

Year Ahead Reading:  Find out what the year ahead holds for you.

Work/Career Reading:  This reading gives you advice and directions that will help you discover the most fulfilling and rewarding path for you to pursue.

Health Reading:  Concerned about your health or the health of a loved one?  This reading can help you restore your own physical well-being or the wellness of someone you love.

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